From Ordinary to Extraordinary


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Qatar is where it all began, there I met a lot of excellent and popular kebab vendors. After tasting one of those kebabs, a tiny glitter of inspiration encouraged me to open a kebab business in Indonesia

In September 2003 I started my first Kebab business with capital investment of 4 million rupiah. I was determined to make this work, nevertheless personal factors got me a in dire straits; my parents discouraged my entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, I kept my commitment to establishs a kebab business.

From a small cart, as well as the loan, I built the business slowly but surely. The inauguration of PT Baba Rafi Indonesia was realized in 2005 and at this point I started to franchise the Kebab Turki Baba Rafi brand.

Years and years of dedicated hard work building this business resulted in success after success in the years to follow. The climax came in 2006 when I received The Asia's Best Entrepreneur under 25 Years award - by Business Week. Numerous awards would and still follow to recognize my persistence, hard work and creative solutions in building business ventures.

Now the Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, which I started from a small cart, has more than 1300 branches spread out over 8 countries across the world. Besides Kebab Turki, I am also leading more than 10 different businesses in various fields such as food, beauty, investments and lifestyle.

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Social Impact

Give Great Attention to the Society

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01 / A Real Action To Share

01 / A Real Action To Share

Success is not useful when it’s not shared with others. With a vision to contribute in the development of successful young entrepreneurs in Indonesia, I have shared my knowledge with thousands of people. I have given hundreds of seminars at various reputable schools and universities in Indonesia for over 12 years. Furthermore, I am active in numerous entrepreneurial associations and organizational activities on a local, national, and international scope. The Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), The Jakarta Entrepreneur Club and The Surabaya Entrepreneur Club are some examples of organizations I am involved with.

I have also been trusted to be a panelist and speaker to share my achievements in the international economic and business forum at St. Gallen Symposium (2010, Switzerland), World Entrepreneurship Forum (2011, Singapore), Leadership Program on Entrepreneur (2011, USA), St. Petersburg Economic Forum (2011, Russia), UAE International Selection Panel (2013, Dubai), KNS-Business Matching (2014, Korea), Kensushei Network Solution (2014, Japan), SME Congress (2014, Malaysia), CACCI Conference (2014, Sri Lanka), ASEAN Young Business Leader Summit (2015, New Zealand), MAP International CEO Conference (2016, Philippines), Uludag Economy Summit (2018, Turkey), KDEI - Entrepreneur Train Program (2019, Taiwan), etc.

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02 / A Real Action to Build New Generation

02 / A Real Action to Build New Generation

Talking only about past achievements on stage does not change the future; more actions need to be made. Therefore, I also coach young enterpreneurs on how to be successful and I am still doing it today. As a result I have guided many successful young enterpreneurs and invested in more than 50 business ventures in Indonesia.

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03 / A Real Action to Build Social Sustainability and Helping Others

03 / A Real Action to Build Social Sustainability and Helping Others

I have been carrying out many social activities through Baba Rafi Enterprise since 2006 and build the Baba Rafi Academy to help small businesses in Indonesia to developed and become a professional business entity. In 2010, I was honoured with the Corporate Education Award in the Corporate category by Ministry of Education. In 2011, Baba Rafi won Junior Chamber International (JCI) & United Nations - Social Responsible Company award.

Furthermore, I created the Hendy Setiono Foundation along with the concept of social insitution which is able to support itself to ensure a long and healthy future. The Hendy Setiono Foundation is my concrete answer to help the Indonesian society to create a better life.

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Hendy Setiono's Achievement

Speaker for Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (GRLC) Singapore
Winner of Special Recognition Award by QSR Media Awards Singapore
The Most Inspiring Franchise Leader from Indonesia Franchise Association (AFI)
“Waralaba Padat Karya” (Labor Insentive Franchise) Award from Indonesia Franchise Association in IFBC Expo
Top 10 Asia Young Entrepreneur by Top Asia Corporate Ball
Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia Delegate for Uludag Economy Summit
Winner of MillenialPreneur Award 2018 by IFBC Expo
Jakarta, Indonesia
1st Place of “Social Responsible Company” from Junior Chamber International (JCI) & United Nations
1st Place of “Global Franchise Indonesia” from the President of the Republic of Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Winner of “ASEAN Largest Kebab Retail Chainstore” in ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia
Winner of “Franchise & Business Opportunity Mark Award” in Surabaya Trademark Award
1st Place of “Global Franchise Indonesia” in Franchise Indonesia Award, Indonesia Franchise & SME Expo 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia's Delegate on the 14th MAP International CEO Confrence


Baba Rafi

Hendy Setiono, as the Founder of Baba Rafi Enterprise, continues to innovate and develop each of its brands. Now, there over than 10 brands part of the Baba Rafi Enterprise.

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

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Container Kebab

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Ngikan is a brand that serves crunchy fish with a variety of Indonesia’s local sauces with liwet rice (traditional Ind...


Cakekinian is a brand that sells cakes with unique topping variations. This business is partially owned by Indonesia's t...

Foresthree Coffee

This is a popular coffee brand, owned by Artist Deva Mahendra in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise. The brand util...


Answering the thought of "what more can be done with shawarma kebab", a collaboration was made with millenial influence...

Tambak Udang Vaname

Tambak Udang Vaname is a shirmp farm investment opportunity managed by multinational company PT.Charoen Pokphand Indones...

Aura Dermatology

With the help of modern technology, skincare can be performed safely and in comfort. Aura Dermatology is a beauty clinic...


Nyayap, a collaboration with well-known food vloggers Ken & Grat, presents the famous Korean Chicken Wings for the peopl...


Sei Sapi, a smoked beef dish typically found in the region of East Nusa Tenggara, is brought into modernity by Nyapii wi...

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