Be Kind To One Another,
We Are What We Share

Social Organization

Hendy Setiono Foundation

Established as a charity foundation and founded in 2019, The Hendy Setiono Foundation is my real action to share the goodness with the people of Indonesia.

Being inaugurated at the Grand Ballroom of the Mercure Surabaya Hotel on May 12, 2019, The Hendy Setiono Foundation aims to build the concept of sustainable social institutions. It is done not only by building business units that support these institutions independently, moreover by developing the concerns of entrepreneurs in Indonesia, as well as the young generation of Indonesia to continue to spread their kindness and energy.

The Hendy Setiono Foundation has carried out various activities such as free tattoo removal, distribution of 10,000 free kebabs, Wakaf land donation and Smoke Concern Masks. In the future, Hendy Setiono Foundation will continue to develop various activities and stay open for opportunities to collaborate and to create an even greater impact on the society. Join us


To be an inspiring, independent, sustainable social institution, a kind movement that brings winds of change to impact people's social lives and to have them lead a better life.



Conducting various social activities and programs to help community empowerment.


Building collaboration among social institutions or other groups that have mutual dreams and goals.


Guiding the young generation, especially millennials, to care about the social environment, independent, creative, and innovative through social activities and community empowerment.


Help develop an entrepreneurial spirit to support business independence.