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Baba Rafi Enterprise is the holding group of Baba Rafi which is currently operating many franchise brands in the culinary market and other markets. The business development that Baba Rafi Enterprise focusses on always fills unchartered opportunities and introduce interesting and out of the box concepts.


Baba Rafi Enterprise has established various brands in the culinary field and also made its debut in other fields such as the beauty and skin care, aqua culture and angel investments.


Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR) is the first and biggest kebab brand in Indonesia. Starting from KTBR, Baba Rafi Enterprise has become a holding company for various culinary and non-culinary brands. KTBR has expanded to 9 countries in the world (Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brunei Darussalam, China, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and India).


Container Kebab

Container Kebab is another brand of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi and it introduced the container outlet concept in Indonesia. Instead of the usual street vendor style, this concept utilizes a large container as work station for a vendor. Another aspect what makes this brand different and special compared with others is the possibility to customize your own menu, for example optional toppings and side dishes.



Ngikan is a brand that serves crunchy fish with a variety of Indonesia’s local sauces with liwet rice (traditional Indonesian rice cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices) at an affordable prices. This innovative and trendy fish venture is partially owned by a millenial influencer coulpe: Rachel Vennya and Niko Al-Hakim, in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise.



Together with millennial influencer Jerome Polin, along with his brother Jehian Panangian, Menantea is presented as a drink-to-go tea beverage brand that is popular among millennials and Gen Z. Aside from cream cheese as its recommended topping, Menantea also offers other topping selections to be combined with a number of tea leaf variants. With menantea, tea beverage will become an integral part of the youngsters’ lifestyle.


Foresthree Coffee

This is a popular coffee brand, owned by Artist Deva Mahendra in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise. The brand utilizes local coffee, mixed in with trendy recipes and is sold at an affordable price. Foresthree Coffee is available throughout Jawa and in all major cities in Indonesia.



Sempatin, a culinary business run with comedian Babe Cabita, presents Indonesia’s local dish: grilled patin (silver catfish), a typical food from Kalimantan. Served with assorted contemporary sambals, Sempatin’s grilled fish aims to encourage Indonesian people to include nutritious yet delicious menu in their daily consumption, especially fish menu due to its well-known nutritional benefits.


Aura Dermatology

With the help of modern technology, skincare can be performed safely and in comfort. Aura Dermatology is a beauty clinic owned by Indonesian Artist Aura Kasih in partnership with Baba Rafi Enterprise. It utilizes a modern outlet concept and focuses on excellent service.



Nyayap, a collaboration with well-known food vloggers Ken & Grat, presents the famous Korean Chicken Wings for the people of Indonesia. Now people can have a taste of the menu that once can only be seen on screen through K-dramas. Using atypical Korean seasonings for the coating and adjusting the flavors to the palate of Indonesian people, it does not take long for Nyayap to be everyone's favorite chicken wings.



Sei Sapi, a smoked beef dish typically found in the region of East Nusa Tenggara, is brought into modernity by Nyapii with Edho Zell, a prominent Indonesian YouTuber. Exploration and innovation enable Nyapii to bring in unconventional choices of toppings and fusions. When traditionality meets modernity, what comes next is surprising flavors that stay in tune with Indonesians' tastebuds.



Pokigo is established as a part of Nyayap, a chicken wing brand with Korean concept by Indonesian food bloggers Ken & Grat. Continuing Nyayap's Korean concept, Pokigo offers Korean street food such as odeng and tteokpokki, which have been famous among Indonesian people thanks to the Korean Wave. Pokigo's booths are made similarly to the carts of street food sellers in Korea, emphasizing its street food concept as well as maintaining the Korean side of its identity.


Kumaw Ramen

Kumaw is a ramen restaurant with quick service concept, serving naked ramen and tempura as its mainstay menu. This brand is a collaboration of four big groups in F&B industry: Menantea Group, Kopi Soe, Baba Rafi Enterprise, and Mantappu Corp. Alshad Ahmad, a well-known content creator and entrepreneur takes the role as the face of the brand. With his strong social media presence, Kumaw Ramen easily became a trending culinary point in Indonesia.