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Baba Rafi Enterprise is the holding group of Baba Rafi which is currently operating many franchise brands in the culinary market and other markets. The business development that Baba Rafi Enterprise focusses on always fills unchartered opportunities and introduce interesting and out of the box concepts.


Baba Rafi Enterprise has established various brands in the culinary field and also made its debut in other fields such as the beauty and skin care, aqua culture and angel investments.


Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR) is the first and biggest kebab brand in Indonesia. Starting from KTBR, Baba Rafi Enterprise has become a holding company for various culinary and non-culinary brands. KTBR has expanded to 9 countries in the world (Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brunei Darussalam, China, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and India).


Container Kebab

Container Kebab is another brand of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi and it introduced the container outlet concept in Indonesia. Instead of the usual street vendor style, this concept utilizes a large container as work station for a vendor. Another aspect what makes this brand different and special compared with others is the possibility to customize your own menu, for example optional toppings and side dishes.



Ngikan is a brand that serves crunchy fish with a variety of Indonesia’s local sauces with liwet rice (traditional Indonesian rice cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices) at an affordable prices. This innovative and trendy fish venture is partially owned by a millenial influencer coulpe: Rachel Vennya and Niko Al-Hakim, in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise.



Cakekinian is a brand that sells cakes with unique topping variations. This business is partially owned by Indonesia's top influencers Arief Muhammad and Tiara Pangestika in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise. Cakekinian is a famous cake brand in Indonesia. The brand is especially popular with millenials and has stores in many Indonesian cities.


Foresthree Coffee

This is a popular coffee brand, owned by Artist Deva Mahendra in collaboration with Baba Rafi Enterprise. The brand utilizes local coffee, mixed in with trendy recipes and is sold at an affordable price. Foresthree Coffee is available throughout Jawa and in all major cities in Indonesia.


Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja

Bakpia is a traditional steamed pastry. This brand has become one of the most popular souvenirs from Jogja. It has several variants; original, chocolate, green bean, kidney bean and cheese flavors.


Waroeng Mee

An F&B business that targets people from all circles. Waroeng Mee provides vast range of menu, affordable prices, and entertainment facilities, making it a good place to hang out in, as its slogan says: Semacam Tempat Nongkrong (a kind of place to hang out). Waroeng Mee’s outlets are currently located in Jakarta and Surabaya.



A brand of happening beverage products, Drinkinian is favored by youngsters for its unique varieties of flavor and affordable prices. Drinkinian is run by Indonesia's top influencers Arief Muhammad and Tiara Pangestika.


Tambak Udang Vaname

Tambak Udang Vaname is a shirmp farm investment opportunity managed by multinational company PT.Charoen Pokphand Indonesia and Baba Rafi Enterprise. Tambak Udang Vaname is located in Subang and Lampung, which both feature hundred shrimp ponds and are still growing rapidly.


Aura Dermatology

With the help of modern technology, skincare can be performed safely and in comfort. Aura Dermatology is a beauty clinic owned by Indonesian Artist Aura Kasih in partnership with Baba Rafi Enterprise. It utilizes a modern outlet concept and focuses on excellent service.



A fashion brand of modern moslem wear for men established in 2015 by Fahmi Hendrawan. This brand uses Garut's modern batik pattern as combinations in each of its design with the purpose of conserving batik and introduce batik as one of Indonesia's cultural heritage.



Jubetor is a business for customized motorbike online commerce in Indonesia. The idea comes from the trend of customized motorbike as a hobby among its enthusiasts. Jubetor helps modify ordinary motorbike into various types from Tracker, Cafe Racer, Jap Style, until customization that resembles BMW R Nine T.


Ninos Edutaiment Park

Ninos edutaiment park is a tourism attraction in the form of a miniature city. The park displays 70 professions with 45 interactive attractions, set to educate children and help to recognize their talents and interests for certain professions.


Hot Pangsit Nyonyor

Amidst the trend of spicy culinary, Hot Pangsit Nyonyor emerges with its innovation of fried dumplings. It serves fried dumpling in a unique way that is never seen before, accompanied with multiple levels of spicyness.


Tokkebi Snack's

Tokkebi Snack's is a well-known brand of Korean street food and is everyone's favorite. Tokkebi explors the flavor and seasonings used in its products of Korean snacks to match Indonesians' taste.