Tambak Udang Vaname: Top Business Opportunity 2019


19 January 2020

After China and India, Indonesia is the third-largest shrimp producer country in the world. Shrimp is Indonesia's prominent exports because the total amount can reach almost 40% of all fishery exports. Besides, fish & shrimp become two of the 10 non-oil and gas commodities with the largest surplus.

Hendy saw the opportunity as a good potential and took the initiative to do business cooperation in the field of aquaculture, namely Tambak Udang Vaname. Tambak Udang Vaname established by Hendy has a great opportunity to continue to work because this vannamei shrimp has a fairly strong survival chance compared to other types of shrimps, so they are suitable for cultivation. Tambak Udang Vaname by Baba Rafi also collaborates with multi-national company Charoen Pokphand in managing all the shrimps.

With collaboration of two corporations, the business operation came into fruition and became popular, it brought them TOP Business Oportunity Award in 2019.