My Success Mantra Is
Action, Action, And Action

My Action

Do The Best in Everything

Being an enterpreneur is worth the try. You do not only plan and pray, you have to initiative and take action. All the efforts that we make today will pay out in the future.



Share Business Knowledge

Success means nothing if it’s not shared.

Sharing is very important. I have been sharing my knowledge and experience to young Indonesian enterpreneurs for more than 13 years. I have been listed as a public speakers at various reputable schools and universities in Indonesia such as University of Indonesia, University of Gajahmada, Ciputra University, Petra Christian University, etc. One of the most standout events was BI GOES TO CAMPUS ITS, I had the opportunity to challenge my juniors to start business since college, master an entrepreneurial mentality and goal-getter personality from the start.

I have been active in various associations and entrepreneurial organizations locally, nationally, and internationally. I was appointed to be the Deputy Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Entrepreneurship Development at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). I was also given the opportunity by KADIN and the Ministry of Trade to introduce my products in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Indonesian Diaspora National Convention to interact with the global market and at several other association organizations such as Endeavor, the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Jakarta Entrepreneur Club, Surabaya Entrepreneur Club, Indonesian Franchise Association, Indonesian Cafes and Restaurants Entrepreneurs Association (APKRINDO), and others.

This all started in 2007, when I was invited to be a speaker and share my knowledge at international economic and business forums. At Uludag Economy Summit in Turkey in 2018, I also shared the success story of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, gave tips & tricks to become a world-recognized successful company and did not forget to convey one of my motto: Learn - Earn – Return: The more we learn, the more we receive, the more we give. Share valuable resources to others and in return receive happiness in our lives. I have attended the following international forums: Gallen Symposium (2010, Switzerland), World Entrepreneurship Forum (2011, Singapore), Leadership Program on Entrepreneur (2011, USA), St. Petersburg Economic Forum (2011, Russia), UAE International Selection Panel (2013, Dubai), KNS-Business Matching (2014, Korea), Kensushei Network Solution (2014, Japan), SME Congress (2014, Malaysia), CACCI Conference (2014, Sri Lanka), ASEAN Young Business Leader Summit (2015, New Zealand), MAP International CEO Conference (2016, Philippines), KDEI - Entrepreneur Train Program (2019, Taiwan), etc.

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Mentor & Advisor

I'm not just talking on stage to share success, moreover, I coach and guide hundreds of young entrepreneurs.

I am keen to share business tips with friends who have an interest in enterpreneurship, to make them even more enthusiastic to start their businesses. Several years ago, I was a coach and facilitator to young entrepreneurs, I helped them to to build their food&beverages business from scratch and achieve the vision they aspired. As a result brands such as Tokkebi Snack and Nyonyor Dumplings became a reality. Both brands are now at openining phase and are becoming more easily recognized by people. Until now, I have managed to guide and create a generation of young Indonesian entrepreneurs who are successful. My vision is that 3% of the Indonesia population is entrepreneur. This will stimulate our country’s economic development and ensure an advantage over foreign economic entities that are pursuing a market entry to Indonesia.

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Help Each Other

I continually conduct social activities for the people of Indonesia

Since 2006, I have been carrying out many social activities to Indonesian people by assisting various social and community institutions along with Kebab Turki Baba Rafi. I created The Baba Rafi Academy to help small entrepreneurs in Indonesia to keep moving forward. Together with Baba Rafi Academy, I also support kindergarten students created by non-profit foundations and orphanages. In 2019, in the month of Ramadhan, I and The Baba Rafi Academy's team routinely carry out free takjil and free grocery activities for residents around Graha Baba Rafi, raising funds for the people in need.

In 2010 I was awarded Corporate Education Award in the Corporate Category by Ministry of Education. The award made me more passionate to build Indonesian people’s spirit of enterpreneurship through various events, one of which is enterpreneurship training for youth, in partnership with PT Baba Rafi Indonesia and Young Enterpreneur Academy (YEA). This training is granted to young enterpreneurs who have been in business for more than a year.

The Baba Rafi company that I found also won the Junior Chamber International (JCI) & United Nations Award in the Social Responsible Company category, which was awarded as an appreciation for companies that pay attention to social sustainability.

In 2019, I built the Hendy Setiono Foundation with the concept of a self-preserve social intitution that can support itself. The Hendy Setiono Foundation is my real action to help the Indonesian people to live a better life.

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